Precious Heritage Christian School

Precious Heritage Christian School

Offering NKP, Elementary and High School

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    Precious Heritage Children's Home Antipolo City

    Welcome to DepEd Registered Christian School

    Academic Programs

    Pre-school with ACE & Christi (Reading REadiness Program)

    This kindergarden program features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare K3-K5 children to be ready to read.

    ABCs with ACE& Christi (Learning-To-Read Program)

    This multi-sensory, phonetic learning-to-read program is designed to prepare a child for the individualized instruction of the PACE curriculum.

    Elementary and High School (Full International Academic Program)

    Each student mastrs and is tested on a particular area of material before moving on to teh next. 

    Academic Qualities

    Affiliated - There are school in over 130 countries using the same system. Outstanding results are being recognized in leading areas of learning. Students have been accepted in Harvard, Oxford, West Point, University of the Philippines, La Salle University and many other universities throughout the world.

    Recognized - The benefits of the system is recognized glabally because its estudents are trained to think and become learners, mastering material as they study. The five elements of the success of the systems are:
    - Information Must be Learnable
    - Learning Must be Measurable
    - Material Must be Mastered
    - Students Must be Motivated
    - Progress Must b Rewarded

    Technology Advanced - The use of the computer is generally accepted as a sign of modern education. The system uses the computer for several important drills and learning enhancements. Each student becomes familiar with its use in the learning process.

    You Are Assured - Each child is gifted with unique talents and abilities by God. The system provides for he deelopment of these gifts by treating each student in a way that will expose and enhance those particular qualities. The purpose of thir lives is amplified through the development of character values in the distinctively disciplined evironment. Yet, each child knowing the expectations finds that learning is fun and exciting. Parents ae pleased with these developments.

    The student sees the world from God's point of view.

    Accelerated Education

    Precious Heritage Christian School using an Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum Program. Its System produced high academics and chracter building performances.

    Precious Heritage Christian School has more than a curriculum, it is innovative education!

    - Minimal Lesson Preparation
    - Character Building
    - Individualized Learning
    - Mastery-based Learning